Why We Make Bad Decisions

We live in the free market. That means there is no shortage of choices. And because of that we often choose the wrong thing: We …

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Adventure, Fitness and Writing Your Own Story

We do this hard work in the gym to enable us to pursue adventure OUTSIDE the gym. On your deathbed, you might not care about …

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The Toothbrush Analogy

I want you to think of your relationship with healthy eating a lot like your relationship to brushing your teeth.  Brushing your teeth is something …

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So what’s the big deal about Personal Training?

WHAT? One on One attention. It’s all about you! Who wouldn’t want that?  Well ok, it’s not for everyone.  I guess some of us just …

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An Open Letter To America

Dear America, We have a problem. Our people are getting more sick and bigger, annually. While our life expectancy may be increasing due to advances …

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“Average Sucks”

I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah it sucks to be average” or “hey, average isn’t so bad”. Thats not what I’m talking about though.  We …

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What’s The First Step?

When we talk with someone who is interested in training with us, we consider that conversation a fact-finding mission of sorts:

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Why is Goal Setting Important?

This month, chances are good that you’ve read or heard about us wanting to do member check-ins with you all. Dee sent out a survey …

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The Power of Choice

The choices we make dictate the life we lead.

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Do you Exercise or Train, what’s the difference?

Training will get better long term results. When you have a tangible goal, a plan to reach that goal, a professional coach to guide you

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