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Should I continue to workout if I’m Injured?

Should I continue to workout if i’m hurt or injured?

This is a great question and is something that is usually used as an excuse to not work out. I get it, the doctor says you should stop exercising, but you generally can’t stop moving in your day to day life, right? 

Let’s understand the difference between being hurt and having an injury.

Being hurt is generally minor; ankle sprain, stub your toe, trip fall and scrape up your hands and arms, muscle soreness from exercise, etc.. Pain can be short or possibly last for a few days, but doesn’t prevent movement.

Injury; broken bones, head injuries, surgeries, muscle tears, dislocations, with different levels of severity. 

Why You shouldn’t stop working out….
When you are hurt or injured the quickest way to recover is to keep the body as active as possible. This keeps the body healthy and in the best state to produce the hormones and increased blood flow to the areas affected. This will decrease overall recovery time and help reduce the muscle atrophy you might experience with any injury. 

Depending on the severity of your injury, you will need guidance regarding what to do, when to do it and intensity. Physical Therapy is incorporated most of the time and absolutely recommended.

So, if you get a tweek in your back, hurt your hand, bang up your shoulder, whatever it is, get your butt in the gym, talk to your coach or personal trainer about your injury or what is hurting and come up with a plan to keep moving.

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