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May 2020 marks 4 years of our ownership of Aero Health and Fitness. This is a big milestone for us and the community. We celebrate this anniversary, and the man who made it possible, by sharing our “Why” with all of you. Dee’s father, Joe Miccoli gave us the tools to move forward with the gym just days before he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Papa (that’s what Dee called him) loved life and helping others. He believed in us and our desire to make an impact! This is his legacy!

We have had a passion for helping people and changing lives for the better part of our adult lives. If you have not read our journey, please take a moment to do so. Collectively, Denise and I have been helping people like you for 40 plus years!

Along our fitness journey, we have seen many changes including the gimmicks, fads and quick fixes. We remain wary of those based on the knowledge and understanding that results can diminish as quickly as they are attained. Overall, fitness has evolved, technology has improved, methods have changed, but one thing remains constant; consistent effort, balance and a willingness to learn is necessary for permanent positive change. Sticking to what works, what makes sense, while creating habits that can be maintained and improved over a lifetime has been our focus. We will not sell-out. 

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Denise Miccoli & Steve Grant | OWNERs

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DENISE MICCOLI Owner, Fitness Level 2 Trainer

Denise Miccoli

Owner, Fitness Level 2 Trainer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

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STEVE GRANT Owner/Fitness Level 2 Trainer

steve grant

Owner/Fitness Level 2 Trainer 

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BOB PELLETIER Fitness Level 1 Trainer

bob pelletier

Fitness Level 1 Trainer

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JOE HILADO Fitness Level 1 Trainer

joe hilado

Fitness Level 1 Trainer

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MOLLIE KEARNS Fitness Level 1 Trainer

Mollie kearns

Fitness Level 1 Trainer

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