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Health Benefits of CrossFit

You may have heard of terms like the “box” or WOD (Workout of the day) and had no idea what they mean. Well, the box …

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Reasons You Need a Personal Fitness Trainer

Do you feel that you’re not able to reach your full potential while exercising? Or, do you get self-conscious when people around you watch you …

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5 Benefits of Joining Group Training Classes

“The more, the merrier.” What fun is exercising alone with no one to compete with? A competitive environment is the best way to bring out …

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Why Should Nutrition Coaching be an Integral Part of Your Fitness Journey?

Do you spend a lot of time working out but you aren’t seeing results? Or maybe you’re wondering if there’s something wrong with your body …

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Online Fitness Training: Is It Worth It?

With the global pandemic that gripped the entire world over the last two years, many people have been wary of stepping out to go to …

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How Fitness Shortcuts Hurt Your Health

How Fitness Shortcuts Hurt Your Health January 2 is International Shortcut Day! On January 1st, you set some New Year’s Resolutions. Today, you were thrilled …

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Fitness Over 40 “The Secret to Losing Weight”

There ARE shortcuts to fitness and weight loss. But there are also a ton of lies out there.
#1 The biggest reason for failure is everyone is looking for a quick fix, and the programs chosen are not sustainable.

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Ivonne Perez – Can Someone Say “CHIN-UPS?!”

An update on Ivonne and her quest for stringing Chin-ups. She has been working hard in class, in her 30 minute skill sessions and on …

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Sara Pitson Lynn Can someone say “PUSHUPS!?”🔥

Congratulations Sara on these awesome pushups! Sara has been working on these for a while. She actually did 5 more in the next round! She …

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“Fitness Over 40” – Is it too late to start?

The short answer, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! Our bodies age, we are dying from the day we are born (morbid, but true). The focus here …

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